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DNA Cases San Jose California

DNA Cases San Jose California  has been allowed in California courts only since the mid-90’s. DNA was only used in very serious cases like rapes, murders, and other violent crimes. Recent advances in DNA have allowed scientists to find a person’s DNA from as few as 25 cells. That is as little as a dot of type. In California, most people who have been convicted of felonies in the last 15 years have their DNA type stored in a state database called CODIS.

DNA is now being used in simpler cases such as auto burglaries, carjacking, and assaults, or any crime where an offender may have left some DNA behind at the crime scene. Because crime laboratories are trying to use lesser and lesser amounts of DNA, DNA analysis needs to be reviewed very closely by an attorney that knows the science and is not afraid to challenge analysts in court.

DNA can also be used to the advantage of someone accused of a crime, when a DNA profile belonging to someone else is found at the crime scene or on a victim of violent crime such as rape or homicide.
DNA is only found in cells from the body. It can be on an article of clothing, shed in skin cells or sweat. It can certainly be found in blood or semen. When the law enforcement crime laboratory has found DNA in a case, it is always very important evidence. You need an attorney who has familiarity with laboratory procedures, the reputation of the crime labs involved, when to re-test evidence, when to bring in a defense expert, and which expert to choose.

San Jose DNA Attorney Maureen Baldwin has experience taking DNA cases to trial, and challenging DNA results if there are lab errors made. She is familiar with the lab processes and knows what to look for in a DNA case. If you have a DNA case, you should contact Attorney Maureen Baldwin for a consultation. for more information regarding DNA Cases San Jose California please call us .

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