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Sex Registration Violations:

When a person convicted of a sex crime is ordered to register, but does not do so in the appropriate time periods, they are often charged with a crime that can place them in prison. I have had sex registration cases dismissed, either by the prosecutor or by the court after hearing, won the case at trial, or have been able to effect a settlement that involves a short jail work-release sentence as opposed to a state prison sentence. There are often vulnerabilities in the prosecution investigation of these matters which form the basis for my defense in court. I have raised constitutional challenges to portions of the statute in court, which later were upheld by the court of appeal, and as a result the statute has been changed approximately 18 times in the last 17 years.

Sex Registration Internet Exclusions:

I have successfully been able to remove some of my clients from the internet when they have fit certain criteria proscribed by the Department of Justice. I have also filed an injunction against the state in an effort to have clients removed from the Megans’ Law website for 30 year old crimes, followed by a blameless record. I have worked with clients to obtain certificates of rehabilitation, available in limited circumstances for sex crimes. When these certificates are not available, I am familiar with the criteria and can inform the client of that fact quickly.

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