Propostion 47 means that now effective November, 2014, certain felonies are now misdemeanors.  That means if you have in the past been convicted of:

  • Shoplifiting of goods valued under $950, but charged as commercial burglary under PC 459
  • Multiple petty thefts with prior petty thefts
  • All grand theft under $950 including “grand theft person”
  • Possession of stolen property valued less than $950 per PC 496
  • Forgery of checks under $950 per PC 473
  • Passing bad checks less than $950 per PC 476a
  • Possession of heroin, opium or cocaine for personal use per HS 11350
  • Possession of illegal prescription drugs for personal use

AND if you do not have certain excluding offenses on your record (registerable sex offenses and violent strikes),

You may be able to get these felonies reduced to misdemeanors by an application

However, this status change DOES NOT allow the convicted party to own, possess, or control a firearm.  It also does not constitute a defense in prosecutions for felon in possession of a firearm at this time.  However, if the felony offense is a “wobbler” (an alternative felony/misdemeanor, and you have otherwise been of good conduct, it may still be possible to have your rights restored under PC  17(b) after application and hearing, followed by a record clearance application.

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