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Sexual Offenses: These types of crimes are normally prosecuted by the district attorney in the county where the offense occurs. If the offense involves on-line predatory or pornographic activity, they can be prosecuted by the federal authorities.

Most of the time, these cases involve claims of rape or sexual assault of an adult, or child molestation. These are very difficult cases to defend because the victim is perceived by jurors as deserving of great sympathy while the defendant is generally hated as soon as the charges are announced. The average person believes that this type of allegation would never be fabricated or made up by “victims”, when in fact this is not true. Sentences for these types of crimes are often higher than murder sentences. In the event the defendant is ever released from prison it is often to a state treatment facility. When a person has a sex crime on his record, he must register for the rest of his life as a sex offender. His name, photograph, and residence are generally posted on the Megan’s Law website, and new restrictions have recently been passed by the voters restricting where parties convicted of sex crimes may live.

False allegations of molest or rape sometimes arise out of divorce, custody battles, revenge-seeking, or relationship “breakup” situations. It is crucial in this type of a case to hire an attorney as soon as possible, prior to an actual arrest. Often, the approach of police investigators is to tell the suspect “they just need to clear something up”, and the suspect, eager to defend his good name, soon finds himself alone with a highly skilled officer employing sophisticated tactics to get a confession.

I have handled many of these cases and have been successful in not having charges filed, or having the case dismissed, or reduced to a non-sex offense. I have also won these cases in jury trial, against apparently “solid” evidence. I always investigate these cases as thoroughly as possible, and assess the physical evidence, if it is available, with the assistance of forensic or medical experts. I am familiar with DNA evidence collection and how to attack it in court. I am also familiar with the physical exam given to victims and have successfully attacked forensic nurses in trial or during pretrial motions regarding their conclusions. I am able to use my years of experience to weed out dangerous potential jurors during the jury selection process and argue these difficult cases effectively in court.

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