san jose assault lawyer maureen baldwinSan Jose Assault Lawyer Maureen Baldwin

The legal definition of an assault is the application of force against another. Varying conduct can be charged as “assault” – anything from a shoving match all the way up to very serious cases where the victim is hospitalized, short of attempted murder.

Misdemeanor or Felony

When facing assault and battery charges your first action should be calling a criminal defense lawyer. Assault charges cover a wide range of circumstances from a simple slap to intent to cause serious bodily injury. These serious assaults are “strikes” for California’s Three Strikes Law.

“Strikes” will not only increase the punishment for the present offense but also increase punishment for any felony committed in the future. These serious consequences need to be avoided if possible with representation by a highly skilled assault attorney. San Jose attorney Maureen F. Baldwin will help you determine exactly where your situation fall in that range.

Your First Line of Defense

Hiring a criminal defense attorney with experience handling assault, battery, and other violent crimes. Having an experienced attorney on your side in an appropriate case can mean the difference between no charges being filed, or facing serious charges, even ending up with a first, second, or third strike. You need to pick a lawyer that has experience and compassion for their clients.

Maureen F. Baldwin is a San Jose assault lawyer with over 30 years of experience handling over 2500 cases. She demonstrates compassion for each client she takes and even has payment plans for appropriate cases.
Prepare for Your Arraignment

Once you have hired Lawyer Maureen F. Baldwin as your criminal defense representative, she will help you prepare for your arraignment. This means helping you collect details on your case like:

  • Your Police Report
  • Your past criminal history
  • Details about your alibi
  • Information from witnesses, etc.

Building your side of the assault case before the arraignment goes a long way to maintaining your innocence. The more information your lawyer has the more likely they can get your assault charges dropped or reduced. This could be the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony.

Get an Experienced San Jose Assault Lawyer on Your Side.

Maureen F. Baldwin defends assault cases, like yours, with her eye on the end result. From day one, she helps you to formulate a plan to achieve an outcome that has the least negative effect on your freedom, family and life.

Don’t get caught in the Criminal Justice System on assault charges without an experienced and compassionate attorney to defend you against your charges. Call Maureen F. Baldwin today for a free, confidential consultation.

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