“Do I really need an attorney for my criminal case? I cannot afford it.”

Criminal attorneys hear this question often in today’s financial climate. Maureen Furlong Baldwin understands that the decision to hire a criminal lawyer is not an easy decision. The average person does not plan to be accused of a crime and does not keep a few thousand in cash set aside in case he or she gets in trouble with the law.

On the other hand, if you have shopped for any item — whether it is an automobile, electronics, furniture or even food, you know that the cheapest deal is not always the best deal. If you buy a used refrigerator from a friend of a friend, you may get something that does not work more than a few months, or runs your utility bills up an extra $20 a month. By and large, you get what you pay for. Dinner at a gas station convenience store is not the same as dinner at a fine restaurant.

A criminal attorney cannot promise to get your case dismissed. If a criminal attorney makes a promise like that, it usually means that your case already qualifies for a statutory diversion program which you would obtain even without the attorney. A good criminal lawyer will promise to use “best efforts”, to take your case seriously and to do everything in their power to obtain the best result under the circumstances. Only an experienced attorney will understand the complicated rules of evidence that may make the difference in whether you will win or lose your case; Only an experienced attorney will see that your case is investigated properly.

The Law Office of Maureen Furlong Baldwin accepts all major credit cards. In the appropriate situation, for some cases, we can set up a payment plan, or postpone your case for awhile until you can arrange for a personal loan if credit cards are not available.

Don’t skimp on a qualified attorney in something that will affect your freedom and your livelihood. You want an attorney who will be responsive and knowledgeable. That does not mean we do not understand today’s tough financial climate.

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