Sex Offenders and Psychotherapist Reporting Requirements

Sex Offenders and Psychotherapist Reporting Requirements
Sex Offenders and Psychotherapist Reporting Requirements .

Historically, the law has found a few relationships between people to be confidential, such as the “psychotherapist-patient” relationship. In other words, what a therapist cannot divulge what he or she hears from a patient, except in certain situations where the patient is threatening to harm […]

New Laws for 2015: Revenge Porn

New Laws for 2015: Revenge Porn
New Laws for 2015: Revenge Porn .

Tempted to post that intimate picture of your ex-spouse or partner or former lover on Facebook or LinkedIn? Better not do it unless you want to pay fines, risk a stay in the county jail, not to mention a lawsuit, and a criminal record!


Proposition 47

Propostion 47 means that now effective November, 2014, certain felonies are now misdemeanors.  That means if you have in the past been convicted of:

Shoplifiting of goods valued under $950, but charged as commercial burglary under PC 459
Multiple petty thefts with prior petty thefts
All grand theft under $950 including “grand theft person”
Possession of stolen property […]


San Jose Assault Lawyer Maureen Baldwin
The legal definition of an assault is the application of force against another. Varying conduct can be charged as “assault” – anything from a shoving match all the way up to very serious cases where the victim is hospitalized, short of attempted murder.
Misdemeanor or Felony
When facing assault and battery […]


San Jose Burglary Lawyer Maureen Baldwin
In San Jose California, all burglaries of a residence are first degree burglaries. These are also considered to be “strikes” as well as serious felonies under the Penal Code. A person convicted of first degree burglary is sent to prison, except if the court finds “unusual circumstances”.

For a first offense, […]

DNA Cases San Jose California

DNA Cases San Jose California
DNA Cases San Jose California  has been allowed in California courts only since the mid-90’s. DNA was only used in very serious cases like rapes, murders, and other violent crimes. Recent advances in DNA have allowed scientists to find a person’s DNA from as few as 25 cells. That is […]

Domestic Violence

San Jose Domestic Violence Lawyer Maureen Baldwin
Domestic violence is a label that is used to describe conduct between people who have had a romantic relationship. The parties may be married or may simply have gone out on a few “dates” for domestic violence laws to apply. A number of crimes can be charged as domestic […]

Drug Charges

San Jose Drug Lawyer Maureen Baldwin
San Jose Drug Lawyer Maureen Baldwin has over 30 years of experience handling drug charges. You can count our knowledge of ever-changing drug and search and seizure laws to resolve legal matters associated with drugs for you or a loved one.

Drug laws of course make possession, sales or use of controlled […]

DUI and Drunk Driving Defense

San Jose DUI Lawyer Maureen Baldwin
Maureen F. Baldwin is a San Jose DUI Lawyer and drunk driving defense attorney with 30 years of experience handling DUI charges. Her firm will help you assess your drunk driving case in both the DMV and the court components. California has two separate procedures for DUI cases.

You can have your […]

Embezzlement & Fraud

San Jose Fraud Lawyer
Embezzlement & Fraud
Embezzlement cases can only occur when the perpetrator has access to handling the money of the victim. Embezzlement can be most easily understood as a theft that occurs over a period of time. The crime of embezzlement most commonly occurs in the workplace. It can be as simple as […]