California State Senator Yee Indicted

California State Senator Yee Indicted .

On March 27, 2014, California State Senator and former candidate for mayor of San Francisco Leland Yee was criminally indicted by a federal grand jury for trafficking in firearms and corruption. Yee has been involved in local and state politics for many years and was running for California Secretary of State.

Lee is allegedly involved in an operation affiliated with members of a Chinese Tong dealing with the export of firearms. Because Sen  Lee has vocally supported gun control in California, this is very shocking local news. After all, this is the San Francisco Bay Area, not Detroit or Illinois!

The federal indictment that names 24 individuals, and the U.S. Attorney’s office filed 137-page criminal complaint

It is important to remember that Mr. Yee is presumed innocent unless and until the prosecution proves him guilty in court.

Whether or not Mr. Yee is innocent, this is very damaging to his political career.

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