As we saw last time, bias towards one side can potentially lead to the conviction of someone falsely accused of a crime. Jury selection in a trial involving false accusations is therefore crucial.

A good defense attorney will look for potential jurors that can use their own experience and thoughts about the trial, who will truly do what the law requires—make the prosecution prove its case— and only look to the judge for guidance.

This is especially important in a jury trial for the sort of crime that causes great anger in the mind of the average citizen, such as crimes of violence against children or the elderly, or any sort of sex crime. These types of criminal accusations make it particularly tough for criminal defense attorneys in Santa Clara County, because of aggressive prosecution by the District Attorney’s Office.

A person facing false accusations that wants to exercise their constitutional right to a jury trial often has a difficult time finding a truly unbiased jury, wherever they go – whether in in Santa Clara County, in another California county, or, in fact, in most areas of the United States.

A good criminal defense attorney fighting false accusations – whether in Santa Clara County or anywhere else – needs to thoroughly research and investigate the case. He or she will need to:

  • Get all of the police reports
  • Make a complete witness list, based on what you tell them, and who is mentioned in the police reports and other documentation
  • Get access to all physical evidence
  • Obtain enough funding to do their own investigation, and hire any necessary experts

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is the largest law firm in the county. It is extremely well-funded and has the support of all the police agencies in the county:

  • The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
  • The San Jose Police Department
  • The Palo Alto Police Department
  • The Sunnyvale Police Department
  • The Santa Clara Police Department
  • The Cupertino Police Department
  • The Campbell Police Department
  • The Los Gatos Police Department
  • The Morgan Hill Police Department
  • The Gilroy Police Department

The criminal defense attorney nevertheless has the advantage of knowing the details of your case more intimately than the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office will. With thorough investigation, and an experienced criminal defense lawyer, a person who has been falsely accused of a crime can obtain a fair trial, even in a pro-law enforcement county that prides itself as one of the safest large cities in the nation.

If you or someone you know is accused of a crime, arrested, or contacted by police, contact San Jose criminal defense attorney Maureen Baldwin at (408) 279-4450 to learn your options today!