Throughout December 2013, the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office will work with other local police agencies to implement Operation Second Chance for the holidays.  If you have an outstanding warrant after being charged with a traffic-related or non-violent misdemeanor crime, you can go to one of twelve (12) cooperating Santa Clara County law enforcement agencies and you will not be jailed.  You will not be required to post bail. After you sign a promise to appear, you will be booked and given a court date.

HOWEVER, people with a felony warrant or a warrant for a “violent” misdemeanor, such as battery, domestic violence, or some gun crimes, you will still need to either post bail or spend the Holidays in jail.

Always remember, once you have walked into the Police Department with a warrant, you cannot change your mind and turn around if you find your warrant does not qualify.  To learn more about this program, please see this press release from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office or contact an attorney.

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