Maureen Baldwin Case Results

Over the last 30 years, criminal attorney Maureen Baldwin Case Results show results over thousands of cases. Visit her Avvo profile for even more reviews. These are just a few of the recent successful results she has obtained:

Theft Cases

Defendant held a high-ranking position and was charged with a commercial burglary and possession of burglary tools

Result: Charges dismissed after a one-day class

Defendant was charged with first degree residential burglary

Result: Case was bargained down to a commercial burglary able to be reduced to a misdemeanor based on defense investigation

Recently Santa Clara county has instituted a petty theft diversion program. Attorney Maureen Baldwin has steered numerous clients to this program, often without charge, where criminal charges are generally not filed at all by the prosecution

Defendant was charged with petty theft.

Result: Charges dismissed after a one-day class

Defendant, who was facing immigration problems was charged with grand theft. Case was reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail upon payment of restitution.

Result: Reduction, No Jail, no negative immigration consequences

Defendants were charged with grand theft for the false sale of items on the internet.

Result: Reduction to misdemeanor and No Jail

Murder Case

Defendant admitted to shooting and killing a man. Attorney Maureen Baldwin plea bargained to avoid the standard 50 yrs to life for First degree murder with a gun, and instead convinced the DA that the circumstances were unusual enough to reduce the charges resulting in a 9 year sentence.

Result: Reduction in charges and sentence

Defendant charged with one attempted murder with a gun, and was facing an amendment charging an additional murder charge with a gun one week later. After negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the attempted murder and not to file the amended charges for the second murder.

Result: 7 years in prison

Internet Pornography Case

In a case involving internet pornography, criminal attorney Maureen Baldwin was able to get charges reduced to a misdemeanor with electronic monitoring, and keep the defendant off the Megan’s Law website.

Result: Misdemeanor and electronic monitoring. No jail.

Assault Cases

Defendant charged with misdemeanor assault and battery

Result: After thorough examination and presentation at pretrial, all charges were dismissed

Defendant was charged with assault

Result: Obtained dismissal in court based upon speedy trial violation

Domestic Violence Cases

In numerous domestic violence cases, Ms. Baldwin has been successful in giving the DA information about the case before it is filed resulting in the DA deciding not to file any charges.

Result: No charges filed

In numerous domestic violence cases, Maureen Baldwin has successfully had cases reduced to disturbing the peace, avoiding the harsh mandatory 52 week domestic violence program as well as negative immigration consequences.

Sex Cases

Defendant was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman outside of a bar. Through investigation, attorney Maureen Baldwin discovered that the alleged victim had lied on the record.

Result: After jury trial: Not guilty

Defendant was charged with exposing himself in a lewd manner– a conviction for this offense would have caused mandatory Megan’s Law registration

Result: Attorney Maureen Baldwin raised a unique medical defense which resulted in all charges being dismissed by the prosecution before trial.

Defendant was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman outside of a bar. Through investigation, attorney Maureen Baldwin discovered that the alleged victim had lied on the record.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; After jury trial: Not guilty

Maureen Baldwin Case Results; Defendant was charged with molest of a teenage girl. After thorough investigation and plea bargaining, the sex charges were dropped and instead a minor misdemeanor was substituted, avoiding jail and the need to Megan’s Law registration.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; Sex charges dropped

Mentally disabled defendant charged with a sexual assault. After negotiation, Maureen Baldwin was able to get the client a treatment program and to avoid a jail sentence.

Result: No jail

Three Strike Cases

Maureen Baldwin Case Results;  In a jury trial where defendant was facing 25 years to life for selling stolen property in a pawnshop, through successful cross-examination, defense attorney Baldwin was able to bring out witness testimony that the perpetrator looked as much like the courtroom bailiff as he looked like the defendant.

Result: Not guilty

In a case where witnesses alleged the defendant had robbed them, defense attorney Maureen Baldwin was able to show the DA that the witnesses were not believable.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; All charges dismissed before trial

In a case where the police arrested defendant for burglary of a store, based largely on his long record and his suspicious presence nearby, defense attorney Maureen Baldwin was able to convince the prosecution they did not have sufficient evidence to proceed.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; Charges dismissed before trial

In several cases where the defendant was charged with theft or drug offenses after three strikes in the past, criminal attorney Maureen Baldwin was able to avoid 25 to life and instead has obtained results ranging from rehabilitation with no further jail to a 5 year prison sentence instead of a life sentence.

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DUI Cases

Defendant charged with a DUI where information about the car stop was inaccurate in police report

Result: Charges dismissed after Judge grants motion to suppress

Defendant charged with a DUI after being stopped at a checkpoint

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; Charges dismissed after attorney requests certain required discovery that police could not provide

Drug Cases

In a drug case where the police reported finding a large amount of hard drugs in defendant’s garage, criminal attorney Maureen Baldwin was able to get charges dismissed in court when she convinced the court there was insufficient evidence that the defendant lived there.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; Case dismissed

In a drug possession for sales case, defense attorney Maureen Baldwin was able to convince the court that defendant should serve no jail time due to unusual circumstances in defendant’s family life.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; No Jail

Case with Mental Defenses

In a case where defendant suffered from a significant learning disability, and had confessed to several robberies, criminal defense attorney Maureen Baldwin was able to convince the court to reduce his sentence to months in jail instead of years in prison a well as a court rehabilitation program.

Cases Involving College Students & Misdemeanors

In several cases where college students have run afoul of the law in minor matters, defense attorney Maureen Baldwin has been successful in getting charges reduced or dismissed.

College student charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; After negotiation and lab analysis, case reduced to simple disturbing the peace

Student charged with trespassing and open-container.

Result: Maureen Baldwin Case Results; Charges dismissed after pretrial negotiations, favorable information given about student

Defendants Testimonials

DUI Case: I was arrested at a DUI checkpoint and was over the legal limit. Maureen Baldwin simply used the legal requirements for DUI checkpoint arrests and incorporated them in her discovery request to the District Attorney. She went back to court a number of times on my case, but the police had lost part of their documentation. As a result of her dogged determination, the DA had to dismiss my DUI case and I was not convicted!

Anonymous ~ Santa Clara, CA

Theft/Three Strikes Case: I was charged with a theft with several priors. Because I had strikes on my record, the district attorney offered 4 years. When Maureen Baldwin took over my case, she got the judge to release me from jail so I could do some programs that I was doing to better myself. She requested some discovery that the DA was unable to produce. As a result, she got me a misdemeanor with 45 days on weekend work.

Anonymous ~ San Jose, CA

Maureen Baldwin represented me in a DUI case where the officer pulled me over next to a party and gave me a breathalyzer. I went to jail and was facing criminal charges. Ms. Baldwin listened to what my friends and I said had occurred on the roadside and informed me that she did not believe there was sufficient probable cause for the officer to pull me over. The DA disagreed and we had a hearing in court with the officer and my witness on the stand. After the hearing, the judge agreed with Ms. Baldwin and dismissed the case. I am very happy I worked with Maureen.

Anonymous ~ San Jose, CA

I was charged with a child molest when a relative I had lived with over 10 years ago told her family and the cops that I had molested her-10 years ago! The statute of limitations had not run because of the age of the girl who made the accusations. Ms. Baldwin worked very hard to get me a court-appointed investigator, and to look for witnesses and attempt to interview the accusers and their family members. Unfortunately only a few of them were willing to talk to us about that time period. I felt all alone and was facing very serious charges that could send me to prison for a long time and put me on Megan’s Law. When we had the hearing, Ms. Baldwin’s cross-examination as well as information she had given to the DA in advance made the DA decide to dismiss the charges. I was not guilty but having these charges from so long ago was very hard to face. I am so grateful to Maureen Baldwin for her help in keeping my record clean and keeping me out of prison. I would highly recommend her.

Anonymous ~ San Jose, CA

I have been a criminal defense attorney for 19 years and am the director of the Legal Aid Foundation criminal conflicts program. I have known Ms. Baldwin for 9 years and have been impressed with her dedication to her job as well as the results she has obtained in difficult serious criminal cases. In one instance, she got an acquittal in a rape/kidnap case after jury trial. I have also known her to handle 3-strikes cases, where the defendants have been facing life in prison. She has obtained acquittals after jury trial, had all charges dismissed after investigation, and also had charges plea-bargained down to sentences as little as 32 months in prison from original life cases. I have known her to “hang the jury” in difficult sex cases, forcing the DA to plea bargain serious life term cases to briefer prison sentences, sometimes without sex registration. She has been responsible for having a first degree murder charge where the victim was shot with the defendant’s handgun reduced to a voluntary manslaughter, trading a life sentence for a sentence of less than 10 years. I never hesitate to refer Ms. Baldwin serious criminal cases.

Attorney Steve Avila ~ San Jose, CA

I was charged with domestic violence in a case where my spouse had actually assaulted me. Ms. Baldwin worked to get all criminal charges dismissed after completion of about 10 sessions of classes. I was quite happy to have all charges dismissed against me to avoid a criminal record.

Anonymous ~ San Jose, CA

I was arrested for domestic violence on my spouse. Ms. Baldwin worked very hard to get evidence to the district attorney shortly after I bailed out of jail. Her efforts involved use of medical experts and photos to change the district attorney’s mind about filing charges against me. No criminal charges were filed.

Anonymous ~ Los Altos, CA

I was arrested in 2007 for domestic violence based on false accusations by my girlfriend. Ms. Baldwin contacted the district attorney and showed her information that the police had not gathered. As a result, the DA did not file any charges against me.

Anonymous ~ San Jose, CA

I was wrongfully arrested and charged with petty theft. Ms. Baldwin convinced the district attorney to dismiss all charges if I simply completed a one day class. I did not need to attend court and she kept me updated in a professional manner.

Anonymous ~ San Jose, CA

Ms. Baldwin assisted me in 2007 when I was charged with driving under the influence in a case where I had been involved in an accident. She contacted witnesses, viewed the scene and negotiated with the district attorney so that no criminal charges were ever filed against me at all. She also won the DMV hearing and avoided the suspension of my drivers’ license. I was obviously quite satisfied with the results, and felt she went the extra mile in her efforts.

Anonymous ~ Sunnyvale, CA

I was arrested for failure to register as a sexual offender. Ms. Baldwin got my case dismissed at preliminary hearing due to lack of evidence.

Anonymous ~ San Jose, CA

Our juvenile son was arrested for sales of methamphetamine at school. He was an honor student and had never been in any trouble before and we were in shock We contacted Ms. Baldwin right away. She gave us all the resources we needed for the court to be satisfied our son had been rehabilitated. She knew who to contact at the Juvenile Probation Department and District Attorney’s Office and went with us for the appointment with the probation officer. Everything went very well and we only needed to be present for court one time. Our son was placed on diversion with a guarantee that all charges would be dismissed in 6 months and there would be no record of this incident. Our son had already completed all of the rehabilitation programs that the Probation Department wanted before court and the case was dismissed after a few months.

Anonymous ~ Santa Clara, CA

I was falsely charged with exposing myself in public. Conviction would have required I register as a sex offender for life. This was a case of mistaken identity where two witnesses identified me on the street to police. We took the case to jury trial and I was acquitted of all charges.

Anonymous ~ Los Gatos, CA

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